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NGFA Trade Rules

The five sets of the NGFA Trade Rules facilitate the purchase and sale of grain and feed products. They provide a framework for the trade and a foundation for resolution of disputes under the NGFA Arbitration System. 

The NGFA Trade Rules Committee formulates and recommends rule changes to the membership. Rules are proposed that reflect trade practice and facilitate trade between NGFA members specifically as well as between all firms in the grain, feed and processing industry generally. 

Grain Trade Rules Course:

This course is intended to familiarize individuals with the Grain Trade Rules and provide practical guidance in understanding the rules. It consists of trade rules outlines, arbitration decision summaries, practical guidance from members of NGFA’s Trade Rules Committee, and questions.

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Trade Rules Senimar

Offered only once every other year, NGFA’s Trade Rules Seminar provides attendees with a primer on contracting principles and trading practices designed to minimize costly trade disputes and contract non-performance

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