Committee – Transportation and Logistics Sarah Gonzalez March 7, 2024

Transportation and Logistics Committee


Lead legislative and regulatory efforts that affect rail, motor, and water transportation and logistics of grain, oilseeds, feed and products derived from grains and oilseeds. Provide focused efforts on each mode of transportation to increase product movement, eliminate service issues, enable cost-effective transport, and improve infrastructure. Support the NGFA’s coordination of the Agricultural Transportation Working Group comprised of about 30 national producer and commodity groups and agribusiness organizations to coordinate on rail, truck, barge and vessel transportation matters.

Staff Liaisons:

Max Fisher, Chief Economist and Treasurer

Stephanie See, Vice President, Legislative and Public Affairs

Committee Roster:

Mission: Provide expertise in rail legislative and regulatory policy issues, including rulemakings and proceedings initiated by the federal Surface Transportation Board. Interact with Class I and shortline rail carriers on policy and service issues.

Subcommittee Roster 

Mission: Provide expertise in national truck transportation legislative and regulatory policy issues affecting transport of grain, oilseeds, feed and products derived from grains and oilseeds. Support the NGFA’s efforts to increase commercial truck capacity for agriculture use.

Subcommittee Roster 

Mission: Provide expertise in advocating for improvements to U.S. inland waterways and ports to facilitate the cost-effective transport and export of U.S. agricultural commodities and products. Serve as a liaison with Congress and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Develop and recommend policies and practices that facilitate commerce between shippers and receivers that utilize the inland waterways system and deep draft ports. Advocate for the optimum use of waterways that is balanced across all users, and supports efficient, sound, and viable waterborne commerce.

Subcommittee Roster 

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